Social media have a role to play in helping to preserve languages such as Manx. Making this dictionary-driven word-a-day site which also automatically tweets out daily Manx words or phrases was a little more complicated than other language sites I’ve made.

There will be 14,000 or so Manx/English word or phrase pairs on this site by the time it’s fully populated.  I’m grateful to Phil Kelly for the words and meanings.

When I worked with the BBC in the early days of the internet, I remember publishing Ned Madrell’s voice online. As far as I know, Ned was the last ‘from cradle’ speaker of Manx. I then heard Ned’s grandson who also worked for the BBC.

When I heard @greinneyder speaking with great passion about Manx in Dublin in November 2015, this helped me resolve to make this site. I hope it gives those learning Manx a daily nudge to keep at it and that the Manx language continues to grow in popularity.

– Gareth Morlais, Caerdydd, Cymru, July 2016.