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Lhiam-lhiat – “With me, with thee.”

Lhiam-lhiat – “With me, with thee.” Or an inconstant person.

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———– This is one of a set of more then 130 old Manx proverbs and sayings – old Gaelg proverbs – from the 1891 book The Folklore of the Isle of Man by A.W. Moore. To capture them from the book, I took the PDF, copied the text, pasted it into a text editor and proofed the text as well as I could. There will still be errors in the proverbs and sayings and some of the spellings will be old-fashioned and outdated. My aim in running this site is to have regular updates of the Manx language which can be published, not only on this site but also, with this site as a source on Twitter and Facebook.” – Gareth Morlais, Dec 2017.